• A supplemental, local currency like the PLENTY keeps money circulating within the community where it does the most good for you and your neighbors. We all know that supporting local business is a good idea. PLENTYs will make it easier to keep our local economy strong.

  • Since local currencies are generated within a community, they help promote cooperation, bolster local commercial channels, and foster a sense of civic pride. Local currencies encourage the use of local materials, labor, and talents.

  • A local currency places renewed emphasis on basic needs, which in turn promotes virtues like neighborliness, conviviality, frugality, and self-reliance.

  • Who knows how to manage local resources better than the people who rely upon them? Accepting the PLENTY will encourage environmental responsibility and good practices, and discourage over-extraction and pollution. Trading in PLENTYs strengthens the bonds between producers/providers and consumers by helping assure high quality and ecological sensitivity.

  • Local currencies allow your reputation to work for you. Accepting the PLENTY demonstrates that you care about our community, our people and our environment.

  • Participating businesses are free to set the specifics of their PLENTY acceptance policies (ie. you may want to accept 100%  in Ps or 50% of the total due in Ps and the rest in dollars, etc.  Each business has to work out how its circulation loops are going to work and be successful.  As the membership grows, it will be easier and easier to keep more and more P moving amongst us!)
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