The PLENTY Currency Cooperative

Individual Membership Application

If you are a individual and would like to join the PLENTY Currency Cooperative (PCC),  please submit the form below. While anyone can use PLENTYs and accept them as change, members of PCC enjoy unique benefits:

  • Ability to vote at membership meetings, and eligible to serve on Board of Trustees
  • “PLENTY” bumper sticker and other schwag as we make it.

For contact purposes, it is very important that each person provide a mailing address, an e-mail address, and a phone number so that we can provide you with materials such as bumper stickers, party invites, and updates.

If you have any questions or would like to apply via phone or email, please contact us: theplenty(at) or 919-533-5181

By submitting this application and annual membership fee, you are accepting the membership guidelines below:

1.  I will pay a $25 annual membership fee to remain a member in good standing and receive member benefits.

2.  I will notify PCC when my address and contact information changes.

3. I have a responsibility to participate in the democratic processes of the Cooperative.

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Comments or Extra Information

Acceptance of PLENTY Membership Guidelines:

How do you plan to pay for your membership?  Mail a Check PLENTYs by mail Credit Card Online (see below)

Please be sure to click "send" to submit this form prior to choosing an online payment option at the bottom of the page.

Payment Options

Membership is not instated until $25 annual fee is received.

  • Please choose an option below:

Secure online credit card processing with Google Checkout:

Mail a check made out to the Abundance Foundation, Inc. or PLENTYs and send to:

The PLENTY Currency Cooperative
c/o The Abundance Foundation, Inc.
P.O. Box 1113
Pittsboro, NC 27312

And, if you’d prefer to print our tri-fold brochure/application and send everything through the regular mail, please click here, plenty-brochure2

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