PlentyProofLgOwn a piece of PLENTY history!

These are crisp, uncirculated and unserialized proofs framed for the collector.

Available in a large frame with all PLENTY bills or in a small frame with your choice of a single bill.

The complete framed proof set, including frame, measures 15.25 inches wide and 14.5 inches high and is $180. (includes tax & shipping)  This set includes the one (heron), five (lily), ten (turtle), twenty (rabbit), and 50 (vulture).

The small proof set, including frame, is 9.25 x 9.25 and is $93 which includes tax & shipping.  Currently available are the five (lily), ten (turtle), twenty (rabbit), and 50 (vulture). Please note that the Single (1) Heron Proofs are no longer available.


Purchase framed PLENTY proofs online here using secure Google Checkout!

All proceeds go to the PLENTY Currency Cooperative, promoting local economy and hometown security.

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