Camille Armantrout
Jaime Kozlowski
BJ Lawson

- Action Items -

  • Blog Post – announcing Piggly Wiggly :: Camille
  • Newsletter – BJ
  • Chatlist Post – Jaime
  • Send emails from theplenty@gmail regarding member offerings to BJ – Camille
  • convert media list to iContact PR List – Jaime
  • Reach out to Durham folks, Bounitful Backyards, Downtown Startup – BJ

- Proposals -

Newsletter, up to 2 times a month instead of weekly. Prevent unsubscribes & to stop over flooding members.

Engage with Adam Sherwood a Senior UNC Student for comission-based membership sales. $25 per membership, effective September.

- Minutes -

Piggly Wiggly – Camille talked to Blake, they are online, stickers are on the doors, has purchased with PLENTY

Decision Making – all decisions require quroum (at least 4 members out of 7) Concern was raised about the means of acquiring frame proofs which will be reviewed.

Financial Report – $620.76 in bank account

Devin – recent transplant to Carrboro from Chicago. Interested in helping the PLENTY. Works as Foreclosure Counselor. Meeting with us after Board Meeting. Possibly have Devin and Adam work together??

Education – integrate into website information regarding benefits of a cash diet, the real cost of using credit cards, value of food & local economy

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