The meeting was attended by:
BJ Lawson
Camille Armantrout
Glen Estill
Jaime Chandra Kozlowski
Jennifer Benefield
Lyle Estill
Phil Lyons

We reviewed the by-laws. Lyle moved to adopt and publish them. Jennifer seconded the motion. All voted in favor. They are posted here:

The group reviewed and edited the membership application. Jaime Chandra will publish an online form with payment capability to site.

Printing – BJ reported that Barefoot Press needs 2 weeks to print currency.

Financial Report – Camille reported the program balance after we pay the printer. The group discussed prospects for donations.

Re-launch Timeline – Jennifer wants to make sure the Pittsboro branch of Capital Bank has a seamless process in place before we announce the official re-launch of the currency. We agreed upon an official re-launch date of May 12 with a couple of weeks to practice in ’soft launch’ mode. At that time we will publish a press release

Chatham Marketplace Local Cooperative Membership Directory – Phil is compiling online and for print versions of a directory. He will note whether businesses in the directory take Plentys. We talked about placing an advertisement for the Plenty in the directory.

BJ moved to adjourn the meeting. Jaime Chandra seconded the motion and everyone agreed that the meeting was over.

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